March Updates!

The first draft of High Court, the second Cid Garret P.I. series novel, is finished, and I have handed it over to The Red Pen.  She will start the editing process soon.

High Court

In this paranormal adventure, Cid is taking on a malevolent spirit at an old motor court renovation.  I have brought back Kiki, Walrus, Scrub, and Faye to help solve the tragic cold case of a why a whole family was murdered in 1964.  The ghost is seeking justice for her and her dead children, and she doesn’t care who gets hurt along the way.  Cid must solve the crime before he has any hope of resting her angry spirit.

The idea for doing a motor court renovation came to me this past summer as hubby and I traveled up to Mackinac Island.  There were so many small motels along the way.  I wondered what story each of them had to share.  One night, I had this dream.  It involved a gallery, an old motel, and several visions of a murder.  When I woke, I knew that I had to find a way of incorporating the dream into a book.  I thought about Cid.  He’s our everyman: if every man had super hearing, a handsome face, and killer body.  (Phew, is it hot in here?)

Writing fiction in today’s environment is interesting.  How much of the news filters into what an author writes about?  How can one be fair when emotions are high?  How much has changed between High Court’s cold case in 1964, and how much has remained the same?  So many questions, but not all of them need to be answered.  I had to remind myself that my job is to entertain you readers.  After rereading High Court, I believe I managed to do so.

What’s next?

Obviously Book 21 of the Haunted Series.  I have the plots in my head, each fighting to make it to the printed page.  I’ll be starting on Book 21 after a brief trip, where I hope to help my industrious siblings to settle my mother into a new abode where she will be able to meet new people, play cards (careful, she cheats) and enjoy her life.  It’s a great place, and it’s an hour closer to me which makes day trips possible.

A couple days ago, I finally met our neighbor.  Yup, the snow melted enough for us to have a brief conversation on why my garbage was flying around her lot in the 40 mile-per-hour winds.  Not a great start, but I’m sure I’ll grow on her.

So, what have you been up to all winter?