Contest Winner Podcast!

Happy February!  Welcome to the Alexie Aaron / Webguy podcast with special guest The Red Pen.  We will be announcing the winner of the cover contest, updating you on Alexie’s writing, and other things that may interest you.

We would also like to announce that for Valentine’s week, we will be putting The Hauntings of Cold Creek Hollow on Countdown for $0.99, February 11th through the 18th and on Countdown for £$0.99 starting February 12th through the 19th.  This is a great time to tell your friends you love them by sharing your addiction to the Haunted Series!  Yes, The Hauntings of Cold Creek Hollow is considered a gateway book.

Thank you for your participation in the cover contest!  Stay warm in the Northern Hemisphere and cool in the Southern Hemisphere.  Scroll down to see the winning cover!