Animal Casting for Peeps Character!

I couldn’t think of any great additions to the human casting for PEEPs characters, so I’ve cast animals instead.  This is a very silly blog post.  It lacks logic and any attempt at true research.  Enjoy!  ~ The Red Pen.

Animal Cast 1.png

1.            Starting from the left:  Ted is a giraffe because he is tall, awkward, and cute.  Brian is a tiny deer called a dik-dik because he is small but mighty.  Mia is an arctic wolf because she is a fierce ice queen with a soft side.  Below and centered is Murphy as a squirrel.  They live in and love trees…  Actually, Murph was a tough one for some reason.  Any other suggestions?

2.            Starting (again) from left:   Mike is a bongo because both are good looking and they know it.  Well, I’m guessing that’s the bongo’s attitude?  Next, Audrey is a red panda because they both are redheads who are soft and fuzzy – inside, for Audrey, no body hair issues or anything.  Cid is a fennec fox.  Both are foxy (sorry) and are known, partly, for their ears.  Burt is a polar bear because both have soft tummies and seem cuddly – uh, don’t cuddle polar bears, just cuddle Burts.  And finally, Jake is a ferret.  He gets into everything (electrical) and hoards stuff (knowledge).

3.            Going clockwise, starting (yet again) from left:  Ed is a very muscular kangaroo.  Judy is a fruit bat because… um, flying.  Angelo is already a bird, so instead, I think he should be an ocelot.  The ocelot pictured gives off an aura of mystery and hidden strength.  And now, Roumain.  He’s an octopus because they are intelligent, great manipulators, and who can guess what they’re thinking?  The octopus is on my top 5 favorite animals list, and I’m also a fan of Roumain.

I’m sure you gals and guys can top this list!  Share your suggestions in the comments.

***Aaron The WebGuy's Extra Notes!***

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