Mind Fray Released

Just in case some of you missed it:  I released Mind Fray the last weekend in September.  Most authors have firm release dates and have the discipline to wait for those carved in stone dates.  I, on the other hand lack this discipline and feel that if it’s ready, then release it.

Mind Fray is my Halloween book.  It contains two of my greatest fears which are looking at undraped windows and into mirrors at night.  Did this fear come from something paranormal?  In my case, it was from a suggestion by a sibling that something looked into our windows at night.  I – four at the time - envisioned a fully adorned Native American chief in profile.  Now, I would gaze upon the visage and be spellbound.  Then, I kept my eyes averted from the undraped windows.  As I grew, the influence of the movies played into the looking into a mirror at night fear - thanks Poltergeist.   In my present home, I have a mirrored wall to creep by on my way to the toilet at night, and it reflects a window.  Sometimes, this is how ideas for my books happen.  It could be a past experience, a suggestion or, in this case, from a full bladder, oy.

But whether it is mirrors, windows or scratches at the door, it’s all in your mind.  Or is it?

Alexie Aaron


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