School House Mystery

Red Pen and I were traveling when we came across these two old school houses.  They were, as my mother would say, kitty-corner to each other.  Did the community outgrow the first and, instead of adapting it, built another?  Both are presently abandoned.  The first looks like it had some rehabbing started a few years past, but it too now sat unloved by all but a writer with an imagination.  Thoughts of these buildings sat in my subconscious a while until I wrote Something Old.  I thought, what if the school houses were haunted by past students?  Why would they come back?  Did they die there or was it happy memories that pulled them?

Story ideas come from the oddest places.  It doesn't even have to be a haunted building to stir the pot; sometimes it's Burlesque music...

Alexie Aaron


Would you revisit your school before moving on?