The Promise is Available Now! A New Cid Garrett P.I. Series Novel

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Click thru for Amazon Link!


It’s here!  I know I told you Friday, but I thought, “The book is finished, the book is ready, the Red Pen and the Beta Reader have said it’s ready, why not put it out there?” Blurb and link to Amazon after the jump!

The Promise:

On the shores of Lake Michigan sits a beautiful stone house.  The locals from Sweetwater tell a story about a widow who watched from the window of the house every day of her life, waiting for a promise to be fulfilled.  When she died, the house was forgotten for decades, until the Campbell family found it.

Elle and Cole Campbell would like to make the stone house their summer home, but a few things stand in the way.  The house needs a renovation, and it’s haunted, very haunted.

Cid gets the call to do a PEEPs assessment on the haunted nature of the building. He and Burt ask Kiki Pickles along to assess whether the house is sound and the land safe for the Campbells to live there with their family.

On this assignment, Cid has to wear two hats, the contractor and the ghost hunter, which is challenging enough without continually being mistaken for Emerson, the long-lost husband of the infamous widow, Victoria Buell, who demands that Emerson come home and keep his promise.

The house is waking up and, along with it, the spirits of those killed there, ghosts who possess and ghosts who demand to be heard, no matter the cost to living.

The Promise” is the 4th book of the “Cid Garret P.I.” series (a spin-off of Alexie Aaron’s popular “Haunted Series”).

For those not familiar with The Cid Garret P.I. series: Cid Garrett is a member of the Paranormal Entity Exposure Partners or PEEPs (Haunted Series), but he’s also a finishing carpenter for a prestigious renovation company owned by Kiki Pickles.  Her company specializes in expensive old - building renovations, which often wake up paranormal activity.  The Cid Garett P.I. series is feather free, meaning the angels and birdmen of the Haunted Series are not involved.  These are everyman haunts.  There are crossover characters from the Haunted Series, but I have explained who they are in the manuscript and in the glossary in the back.  In short, you don’t have to read the Haunted Series to enjoy the Cid Garrett P.I. series.

The Promise is the fourth book of the series which starts with Cid.