A conversation with Jake the ghost in the PEEPs machine.


Hello, everyone, and welcome to the slightly redesigned Alexie Aaron website. 


While I, Aaron the Webguy, would like to take credit for it, I might have had some help along the way from Burt’s best friend Jake.


So, Jake, since you’re here, are you up for answering some questions?


Okay first up: how are you?  ¿Cómo estás?


Okay… no more español?  So what it’s like working for PEEPs?




WHOA caps lock, buddy!  How is it being the lord of the manor?


How would you like working with a genius, a dictator, and a bossy busty broad?


My boss, Alexie Aaron, controls the spice… so…  We get along fine.  




I understand that you’ve had a few emails come to you through jakerulestheworldbiz@gmail.com ?


Well I am the most important PEEP and the ladies must know it too.


I have received a list of questions I’d like rapid fire answers to.  Are you game?


Go on...

Favorite color?                                                         Black.
Favorite game?                                                        Any game that’s not trying to annihilate me.
Favorite music?                                                        Mariachi.
Really?                                                                      No.
Then why did you say so?                                       Why are you so dumb?
I’m not dumb.  You’re dumb!                                  You’re dumb, and your mother’s dumb!
My mother is Alexie Aaron!                                    Correction, just you are dumb!
Ah, where were we?                                               I’m stuck in this computer. Where the hell are                                                                                      you?


Let’s move on.  So just what is it that you want?



In the end, we had to agree that that computer was the best thing we’ve seen in the last twenty minutes.
So, Jake is off to his adventures, and I have my own to attend to today.

Thank you all for reading.  I doubt that you have learned anything new about Jake, but there you go…