Works in Progress

January 31st 2016 A Rose By Any Other Name is released!  The 18th "Haunted Series" novel.

December 7th 2015

New Cin Fin-Lathen mystery is out!  Unforgivable Cin An Opera in Three Acts is now available.

October 16th 2015

Restitution has been released!  17th Haunted Series novel is out for everyone to enjoy.  Editing for new Cin Fin-Lathen mystery begins.

August 13th 2015

The Old House the 16th Haunted Series novel has been released!  And in the spirit of actually mentioning works in progress... Alexie is hard at work at Haunted Series book number 17!

June 21st 2015

Never Forget the 15th Haunted Series Novel has been released!

June 10th 2015

Wages of Cin has been released a little while ago.  Next Haunted Series book Never Forget has been completed and is the editing room.  Aaron the Webguy vows to not let this page lapse for months. 

March 29th 2015

Nola is ready at Amazon for purchase.

March 19th 2015

Nola the latest in the Haunted Series is finished and in its final edit!  Sand Trap is now available in paperback!

Jan 23rd 2015

Alexie Aaron is currently working on her next Haunted Series book.  While she is away expect some guest bloggers to be stopping by.

Jan 16th 2015

Currently entrenched into the 14th novel of the Haunted Series.  Anticipating the release of the second audiobook Ghostly Attachments.

Oct 21st

Crossed the twenty-five thousand word mark on the first draft of The Siege today.  The muse is flowing and it's looking good.  

I received my first copy of Ghostly Attachments paperback in the mail.  The audio book for Ghostly Attachments is in the process of being narrated.

Oct 14th 

Working with the tentative title of The Siege, I’m starting with a chaos-riddled poltergeist haunt.  The book takes place in mid-December with Mia sidelined with the notorious baby bump.  I’m in full muse now, so if you will excuse me…

The Beta Reader...

The Beta Reader...